Getting Into Private Work

amc-alternative-agents-appraising Apr 04, 2024

In today's challenging appraisal market, where lending has slowed down significantly in various regions, appraisers are seeking new ways to boost their business and pay their bills. While it's natural to first explore opportunities within your current domain, such as lender work or work from Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), it's essential to consider an additional approach: private appraisal work. 

If you're thinking about diversifying into the private appraisal sector, it's crucial to determine the type of private work that suits your expertise. This could involve pre-listing appraisals for realtors, handling divorce or estate appraisals, or catering to government-related appraisal services. The private appraisal realm offers a broad spectrum of opportunities, often overlooked due to our usual focus on lender or AMC work. 

Marketing plays a pivotal role in establishing your presence in the private appraisal sector. Online visibility is a key factor. Most individuals seeking appraisal services turn to the internet for assistance. They may search "appraiser in [your location]" on search engines like Google. To attract these potential clients, concentrate on building a strong online presence.

Requesting Google reviews from satisfied clients can significantly boost your credibility. Encourage clients to share their positive experiences online, enhancing your reputation. Additionally, participating in bulletin boards and directories specific to your industry can also help increase your online visibility.

Maintaining your Google Business page is essential. Regularly update it with fresh content, like blog posts, videos, or images relevant to your appraisal services. Sharing interesting anecdotes or observations related to your work can engage potential clients and improve your search engine ranking. 

While the appraisal industry is facing a slowdown in certain segments, there are opportunities in the private appraisal sector. By actively working on your online presence, collecting Google reviews, and engaging with potential clients, you can effectively tap into this market and continue to thrive in your appraisal career.


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