Confidence: the Second Key to Success

successful-volume-appraisal-business Feb 27, 2024

          I’ve already shared with you what I believe the most important key to success is: taking action. Without action, your ideas will never come to fruition. Period. Here, I’m going to tell you about the second most important key to success. When paired together, these two keys to success become a true powerhouse.

          The second key to success is confidence; confidence in your ideas and confidence in yourself. It seems so simple, such a little thing. But it makes all the difference! 

          There are many of you who, I’m sure, are thinking right now “Dustin, I wasn’t born with confidence. It’s not something I have.” That may be true. However, confidence isn’t just inherent; it can be developed. Looking back, I find that a lot of my confidence came from my time in theater as a kid. Doing something that required confidence helped me develop it.

          The same is true for you. You think you lack confidence? Go schedule an opportunity to speak in front of a group. Go to the local theater and participate in a production. You might say that you’re not very good at these things. Believe it or not, that’s the point. As you participate in activities that require confidence and give them an honest effort, your confidence will grow.

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