Change: Threat, or Opportunity?

successful-volume-appraisal-business Mar 05, 2024

          I talk a lot on this blog about change. That’s partly because so much change has happened just during my time as an appraiser. I’ve seen the advent of laser measuring, electronic forms, and most recently, remote appraisals. This industry is seemingly in an almost constant state of change! Change seems to be one of the only things we can expect to truly stick around.

          The problem is, change is scary for a lot of people. As human beings, we like it when things are predictable and consistent. Change presents new challenges to be overcome. Change makes us re-evaluate our mindset, our habits, and sometimes our beliefs about something. For all these reasons and many more, it is common – natural, even – for us to resist change.

          I had the opportunity to talk with a coaching client about an opportunity that came up for her to act as a staff appraiser. Normally, it wasn’t something she would have considered. However, as remote appraisals were becoming more common, it was actually something she was thinking about doing. The change to remote appraisals opened up new opportunities for her, allowing her to broaden her horizons and find something that worked for her.

          It sounds cliché, but change presents us with new opportunities. It’s intimidating at times, sure. We may not always like it. Next time you’re afraid of some change though, I want you to consider the opportunities that arise from it. Learning to see change as an opportunity instead of a threat will help you effectively navigate the business world and your personal life. Like never before, the world is your oyster!

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