$495.00 USD

Go Remodel Your Appraisal Business

In Dustin's 14-Session, Self-Paced Workshop

Topics Include:

  • Innovating Outside the Box
  • How To Bid Appraisals Like A Professional
  • Producing Credible Appraisal Reports
  • The Quality/Efficiency Balance
  • AMC, Direct Lender, and Non-Lender Focuses
  • Business Structures
  • Financial Business Stability
  • Creating an Efficient Physical Office Space
  • Appraisal Office Technology
  • Doing Human Resources The Right Way
  • Becoming the Local Appraiser Expert
  • Creating a 'Banker's Hours' Schedule
  • Desktops, Hybrids, and Alternative Valuations
  • Retiring and/or Selling An Appraisal Business
  • and much more!

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