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Get Started & Succeed in Private Appraisal Work


Are you tired of relying on the interest rates for your primary source of income?  Have you always kind of known that you needed or wanted to do more private work?  Is it possible that you are putting it off because you think it will be hard work and take a long time to be successful? If so, this Workshop is perfect for you!

Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, has been successful in moving a significant portion of his appraisal work from AMC and lender based to Realtors, attorneys, home owners, and other sources.  Furthermore, he has personally coached and helped hundreds of other appraisers who have made private appraisal work their primary (or sole) source of volume. 

In this 2 Session Workshop, Dustin reveals all the secrets to success in finding, obtaining, and keeping private appraisal work.  Not only will all of the information be given to you, you will also receive tools, templates, and resources that you can start using today for non-lender appraisal assignments. Nothing is left out!

Further, you will be completing action items that will translate what you are learning to real world success (and money in your pocket).  If you are ready to take control of your own appraisal volume, now is the time to Get Started & Succeed in Private Appraisal Work!