$59.00 USD

Unlock the Full Potential of TOTAL

And Save up to 100 Hours a Year
With Jim Stafford & Dustin Harris!

90 Min Pre-Recorded Webinar

Maximize your time savings by simplifying the report writing process with the tools built into TOTAL. In this webinar, you will learn how to save up to 100 hours a year by utilizing the following tools in TOTAL.

TOTAL QuickLists - learn how to create QuickList databases, multi-item QuickLists, layered QuickLists, and QuickLists for the addendum

SmartAdjust Tool – learn how to create multiple adjustment sets

Link to Field Tool – learn how to link fields from the form to the addendum creating custom statements

Addendum writer tool – learn how to create multiple addendums for different circumstances

Worksheet - learn to create toggles, automated statements, and automate calculations